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no monochromes left to buy

Art & Public presents "1000 chinese paintings", a Raphaël Julliard's concept [RaphaŽl Julliard's CV][Press]

Raphael Julliard's conceptual One-man-Show "1000 chinese paintings" is an ongoing happening especially created for Art & Public's participation to FIAC 2005.

A shop built on booth A8 will contain 1000 monochrome paintings to be sold during the fair. Made in China, they follow the rules of casual trade productions : fabricated in a workshop of Nantong by Chinese workers, sent to Europe by boat from Shanghai, each of the 100 X 100 cm "Chinese red" painting is stamped twice on the back : "made in China" and the signature of one of the workers can be read on reverse of each monochrome.

As manufactured goods, artworks are subject to low prices. One can afford a painting for 100 euro during the FIAC Paris 2005 and then become a collector while taking part to an exciting and conceptual project : art is for everybody, without boarders.

Criticizing the mechanisms of creating, collecting, selling, this adventure ( "The Last Monochrome", as Pierre Huber titles it) is worth to analyse. The thousand paintings are all similar, but all unique at the same time : no choice of touch or colour; they have to be chosen hasardly or for the design of the Chinese signature, this latest being the only individual mark of the artwork. Signature makes it unique, unicity makes it valuable.

In a larger artistic and commercial way, the sale of these monochromes will be considered as a relevant witness of the artmarket wealth. The price being fixed to 100 euro for the FIAC should increase after the fair, regarding both the variations of the art market and the number of paintings remaining available.

Becoming the owner of a painting, one helds a reminder of this project. Each of the artworks bears in it the memory of the event.